Monday, 21 September 2009


Hi ladies,
Do you know Esther and her fantastic work at ? If you don't know her yet, please take a few minutes and check her blog and I promise you won't regret it! She is a wonderful, super talented  french artist, with a big and warm heart and  beautiful, creative spirit. Each of her jewellery, created in her unique, fabulous style is a work of art in itself.
 And to celebrate the opening of her Etsy shop she is having a giveaway! A superb piece, that, I'm sure will make you want to see more!

How cool and generous is that?
She has gorgeous stuff on her Etsy and I must confess I already bought some lovely, very old french coins, that I can't wait to use in my projects!

Congrats and the best of good fortune, sweet Esther!

Thank you for your visit,
Lots of love,
Sanda xx


Cindy said...

Yes! It's such a treat to visit Esther's beautiful blog, and now her new shop! :-)

Flor Larios Art said...

Thank you for letting us know..I will check it out...

sharon said...

Hi Sanda, I had my eye on those coins, lucky you! Thanks for all your sweet comments, I appreciate it so much!

joanne May said...

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for visiting me and following my blog.
I love your work and site too!:)
I will take a look at Esther's work as well.
Thank you for taking time to leave a lovely comment.
Really good to meet you!;)
Best Wishes.
Jo May.x

Anneke said...

you have beautiful things on your blog.
thank you also for telling us from the other blog.
i go for a look