Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'm going to Spain

Hi everyone,
Yes, Sunday I'm going to Spain, where I'll meet my sister and her family, in a long waited and well deserved holiday!!! I can't wait to see them!
Soooo, this means presents right? Well, I worked like a mad woman these last weeks to finish them, but I have them ready!LOL
OK, I made these two for my little niece, Cristina Maria.

Here you can see some of the details:

The next ones are for my nephew Tudor and for Monica and Alex. But first, there is a story about them that I want to share with you. As you'll see, I tried something completely different( again! LOL). I hope it's as a nice surprise for you as it was for me when I worked them. One day, few weeks ago, I was browsing the net and I accidentally found a dutch artist, Carla van den Berg. She is a FABULOUS ARTIST, I mean it, take a look at her website and you wont regret it! And this is not all, she has a YouTube channel,, where you can see some of her awesome work, as well as a huge amount of videos in which she shares her techniques, her generosity is amazing!!! She and her work spoke to my heart and, as if by magic, touched a string that I never thought it was there all the time, just waiting to be awaken.  And awaken it was, I tell you!!!LOL
THANK YOU, Carla!!!
So, here they are:

And details here:

Hope you like them, because surely you'll see more of these after I'm back from my holiday!LOL
Hope everyone have a great time, see you all soon,
Lots of love,
Sanda xoxo