Sunday, 15 November 2009

I'm back

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not posting anything for so long, but I had a pretty bad time lately and didn't feel like it. To cut a story short, I had some problems with my heart in the last few months. After few tests, my cardiologist decided that he wants to investigate more and he asked for an angiogram. It was done last friday in Dublin and thank God everything it's OK now, but it was a pretty scary experience for me, I must admit. During the procedure I started to have very big pains because one of my artery entered in a spasm. The doctors dealt with it and finaly and, like my cardiologist said, it was very good that this happened, because he understood exactly what the problem is. So, now I'm back and very happy that everything ended well!
Now, enough about this!LOL
Even if I didn't post, I was working, so I can share with you my latest adventures in my art journey.
First, I made a Christmas gift bag with a matching tag. The bag measures 8 1/4"x 5" and has a pocket for the tag. I used cardstock, patterned papers, stamps, inks, glitter, punches, spellbinder nestabilities for cutting the snowflakes, paper roses, buttons, crystal brads and ribbon.

You can see details here:

And now, some work in progress. I started to paint an icon of the Blessed Mother and Child and here is how far I went with it until now.

Usually, I was working this kind of paintings in the traditional, byzantine style, but here I wanted to try something new, introducing some of the techniques learnt in Suzi Blu's The Goddess and the Poet class. So far, I colored the sketch with Prisma colors and then I mounted the sketch on a wood panel.
Few details here:

OK, that's for now, my friends and now I'm off to see your blogs that I missed so much lately!
Thanks for your visit,
Lots of love, Sanda xx


Renee said...

Mostly dear friend I am happy that you are well. Thank God.

I love your icon, oh my God, fantastic.

Love Renee xoxo

caramelle said...

I m happy you be back in good health.Your Christmas gift bag is marvelous and your Icone so wonderful
bravo and thank you to go on my blog

SharonP said...

Thank goodness you are well and the tests came out fine. Your health is the most important possession you have so protect it well and continue to pursue the things that make you truly happy!

I absolutely love your Mother and Child icon, so beautiful!

Love Always, Sharon

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Sanda! Welcome back! I'm so happy to hear that all is well with you. Your new creations are beautiful as always. Love the Christmas gift bag and the tag is adorable too! Your Blessed Mother and Child is a very special work in progress!

Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Have a lovely week!

Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you are back on the mend, sorry you had to go through this. So pleased your back.
You are always welcome here!

Debbie said...

Thank God the doctors found the problem and you are better! I love the icon and your gift bag is cute too!

sharon said...

Oh Sanda, How happy I am that you are okay!!! Phew! Thank God! Please take care of yourself. I am so glad you are back to creating and your creations are sooo lovely.....the icon is fabulous!

Narrative jewelry said...

Hope you are well now Sanda, but i can understand you were stressed by such an experience.
Your Christmas bag and the tag are soooo cute. Lovely colors, and beautiful details.
I really love your work on wood, love the Byzantine style too, but if you had the chance to take a workshop with Suzi Blu, it was an evidence to try something with the new techniques you learnt, on this icon. The result will be wonderful.


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Glad to hear everything is ok. What a scary time. Your painting is absolutely beautiful. You are so very talented. And the Christmas bag is so sweet including the tag.

Cindy said...

Hello Sanda
my goodness, I'm sorry to hear you were having health problems. :-( I hope you are taking it easy even still.
Your new pieces are wonderful as always. I am amazed at your Mother and Child piece... You are so all-around talented!

joanne May said...

Hi Sanda,
How are you sweetie?
Thank you for your visit. Always good to see you!;)
I have been away for a while too, trying to sort out my Etsy shop. It is quite difficult to set it up!
Beautiful painting you are creating of the mother and child...
Are you going to use gold in this image, like the religious paintings you see in Italy?
I will look forward to seeing the painting completed. Very fine work!
Have a very creative week.
Love, Jo.xx

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

Thank you so much, dear friends, for all your sweet, precious comments! I treasure them all!
Lots of love, Sanda xx

Lynda said...

Sanda...I'm so happy that you're okay! I am sure that heart issues of any kind can been horrific. I hope you feel 100% soon :) As for your work, beautiful as always!

Marie Cramp said...

I hope you are allright now. Scrary stuff! I saw the cars you sent Sharon, spectacular!! Good luck and stayhealthy :)


Esther said...

hi sandra sweetie!! i come , late , but i come!! i 'm in love with your icon!! can(t wait to see the progress and result!! hugs!!! xoxoxoxox

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

you really live in ireland?
i'd like to go there someday, to find irish faeries.

Anonymous said...

Your newest creations are beautiful Sanda, as always!

It sounds like a terribly scary ordeal you went through and I'm just happy and relieved to hear you're doing and feeling much better! Here's to continued improvement and good health!

Anonymous said...

Your my favorite Irish gal!

Yeah, I know you wern't born there, your still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Your my favorite Irish gal!

Yeah, I know you wern't born there, your still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sanda, hope you are feeling ok!
Sending you love!