Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Finished canvas


Another quick post, just to share with you my new canvas.
It's called " I gave you my heart" and I used acrylic paints, watercolor pencils and crayons, stamps, inks, tissue paper, dimensional fabric paint, designer paper,crackle gloss medium, pressed flowers, say it in pearls, buttons and Copic multi liner.
I used techniques that I've learnt when I was doing the courses Mixed Media With The Girls and Art Play with Wyanne Thomson and some learnt from Milliande, another wonderful artist. The canvas is sealed with faux beeswax ( Wyanne recipe).
But most of all, I played, enjoyed and had great fun! And I really put my heart in it.
So, here is my fairy-angel dreaming her love. And here is a close up.

The text is a quotation by St. Augustine, " Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the heart." Isn't this just great?

Thank you for your visit,


Sanda xx


Lynda said...

that painting is so pretty! you blended and shaded her face perfectly :D great job! thanks for all of your compliments, that was a very nice message to read and really means a lot to me, so thanks again.

Lynda said...

Hello again :) I decided to honor you with the renee award! Please see my blog so that you can copy and paste it onto your page and pass it on to the next lucky honorees.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Hi Sanda. Congratulations on your renee award. I love your work!

Caryn Lynn said...

Your artwork is great. Congratulations on the award!

Zinnia said... lovely! I really love your painting so much.

Lynda said...

good, im glad that you liked it and that it meant a lot to you :) have a good weekend

Lynda said...

Hi sandra :) I do know about the taking flight book...I actually have it, lol. I didn't know that she had a ning site though so I just finished signing I am waiting approval. Thank you very much for inviting me! :)

Anonymous said...

Your art is beautiful, love every thing about her!

Anonymous said...

So lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words. Means such a lot and love your art.
I will place a link to your blog so other artists can see your beautiful art!

Sending you a BIG SMILE!

My family (dad and Grandad Bowden) came from Ireland. Dungannon county Tyrone, sorry if I miss spelt the names.

Lynda said...

Hello :) You can send the award to anyone you want, it doesnt have to be an artist. It just goes to whoever you think deserves it. Hope that helped. Have a good night.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Sanda! Your painting is lovely! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! I really enjoyed viewing your art and blog!

Thanks for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment! Have a great week!

Lisa :)